All the Things You Need To Know ABout Smok Vape (Shop Online)

Looking for an effective and less harmful method to quit smoking? Electronic cigarettes might be the solution you're looking for. Because electronic cigarettes can deliver nicotine in a safer and more enjoyable way, many smokers have found them to be a helpful tool in quitting smoking. In this article, we'll explore how electronic cigarettes can aid in smoking cessation, their benefits, and some tips for successful quitting. We believe a beginner's guide would certainly be helpful.

What is an electronic cigarette?

Electronic cigarettes are designed as a less harmful alternative to smoking. They can satisfy your nicotine cravings without the harmful effects associated with traditional cigarettes. If you are a non-smoker or under the age of twenty-one, we do not recommend starting to use electronic cigarettes (in fact, if you are under 21, at Vapedisc we won't sell you any electronic cigarette devices or any other products).

This guide is intended to assist smokers who are interested in switching to electronic cigarettes. Perhaps you don't vape yourself, but you know someone, such as a family member or friend, who still smokes and could benefit from such a guide. If so, please point this out to them.

Each section of this guide will break down key topics related to electronic cigarettes into easily understandable parts. We'll discuss the benefits of electronic cigarettes, the types of kits available, and which starter kit might be best for you.

Are electronic cigarettes harmful? This is perhaps the most common question smokers have when considering switching to electronic cigarettes, and it's a very important one. Electronic cigarettes are specially designed to be less harmful than smoking, but is this really the case?

Health risks of smoking. Let's first take a look at smoking. We know that 50% of smokers die from smoking, leading to "more people living with smoking-related debility".

Tobacco use remains a leading cause of preventable diseases and avoidable deaths in the UK, with 100,000 deaths annually from smoking-related diseases, including cancer. — Cancer Research, 2015

The primary cause of all smoking-related diseases is tar produced when tobacco is burned. Cigarettes contain over 4,000 chemicals, with 70 known carcinogens, which are delivered to your body through tar when tobacco is burned.

What sets electronic cigarettes different?

When it comes to electronic cigarettes, there's no tobacco, no combustion, and no tar. This simple distinction is the key reason why electronic cigarettes are less harmful than smoking.

In 2015, Public Health England (PHE) published its landmark study "E-cigarettes: An Evidence Update". The report reviewed all available scientific evidence on electronic cigarettes and is updated annually. The latest update was in February 2019, where they maintained their position based on all the information we have:

"The harm from electronic cigarettes is 95% lower than smoking." "There is a misconception among the public that electronic cigarettes are equally or more harmful than smoking; however, research to date suggests they are less harmful as they do not contain tobacco or involve combustion." - Cancer Research, 2018

"Our findings also suggest that while electronic cigarettes are not only safer, they deliver nicotine content comparable to traditional cigarettes. This can help people quit smoking by satisfying their cravings in a safer way." - University College London, 2017

"The National Health Service has long advocated for electronic cigarettes as a method of smoking cessation and seeks to dispel myths surrounding them, stating, 'Many people think nicotine is very harmful to health.' In fact, while nicotine is addictive, almost all smoking-related harm comes from the thousands of other chemicals in tobacco smoke." - NHS Stoptober campaign, 2012


Is nicotine harmful?

Nicotine doesn't cause cancer or heart disease like smoking-related illnesses, but it is addictive. However, there's a common misconception that using electronic cigarettes might lead to nicotine overdose. But there's no risk of poisoning, nor are there any cases of excessive intake of nicotine liquid (called e-liquid) vaporized by electronic cigarettes. Therefore, you can use electronic cigarettes as often as needed to help control nicotine withdrawal and cravings. - Dr. Andy McEwen, Director of the National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training, 2016


What's the difference between electronic cigarettes and vapes?

There's no difference between electronic cigarettes and vapes. In the realm of electronic cigarettes, there are many terms for kits, e-liquids, and styles, leading to complete confusion for new users. In this guide, we'll provide definitions for all the key terms you need to know. For further information at the end of this guide, we also offer a dedicated glossary.


What are the benefits of electronic cigarettes?

Less harm than smoking

Ongoing research indicates that electronic cigarettes are less harmful than smoking. More and more health organizations express support for this change, including Public Health England, the National Health Service, the Royal College of Physicians, and the British Heart Foundation.


Can help you quit smoking

Smoking is reported as the leading cause of preventable deaths worldwide. The most evident benefit of the switch is that electronic cigarettes are the most effective method for smoking cessation. More and more people see the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes as smoking substitutes, with "approximately 2.8 million adults currently using electronic cigarettes in the UK" (Office for National Statistics).


Saves you money

Money is a driving force for people seeking to quit smoking, and Ernst & Young commented, "There's a correlation between cigarette prices and the use of electronic cigarettes: in countries where cigarette prices are higher, electronic cigarette use increases. We estimate that by making the change, you could save over $3,000 per year.


You'll smell better

Many people forget to consider the impact of smoking on aesthetics, from bad breath to stained fingers, hair, and decreased skin elasticity. Electronic cigarettes won't have any of these effects on your body.

One of the biggest benefits of electronic cigarettes is that, in the long run, they're much cheaper than smoking.
In the upcoming article, Vapedisc will delve into an extensive exploration of all things related to electronic cigarettes, including components, kits, terminology, and much more. Stay tuned to gain a comprehensive understanding of the world of vaping!