SKU: TCA20901020

Smok Alike Replacement Pods (Empty)

Immediately upon its release, the Smok Alike 40W Pod Mod Kit rivetted the vaping community, thanks to its resounding good looks and stellar performance metrics. To support the cause – and the rave fan reviews – the revered manufacturer introduced the Smok Alike Replacement Pods (3 Pack). Featuring three empty cartridge pods (coils sold separately), they offer a clean canvas for you to experiment with various Smok coils. Moreover, the elegantly crafted Alike Replacement Pods perfect align with the underlying device’s design motifs.

As you well know, Smoktech places the highest priority in quality manufacturing and engineering standards. Nothing leaves their factory doors without first undergoing an extensive control procedure – this same rigorous standard applies to their spare parts and accessories. For the Smok Alike Replacement Pods, the company imbued them with top-shelf PCTG construction materials. Typically found in luxury cosmetics and food packaging, this inclusion guarantees the highest level of quality and satisfaction for your vaping needs.

Furthermore, the included 510 drip tip is smooth and intuitively designed, allowing you to comfortably take generous draws. Additionally, the drip tip is internally integrated for maximum airflow, which facilitates robust flavor profiles and nuances. As well, the airflow is smooth and evenly balanced, promoting consistent draw quality across multiple sessions.

Plus, if you ever get tired of the standard drip tip, you can easily swap it out for other 510 drip tips. This gives you modularity across the entire profile of the Smok Alike Replacement Pods, as well as the underlying device.

Inarguably, though, the hallmark attribute of the Smok Alike Replacement Pods is their compatibility with all Smoktech RPM series atomizer heads. These uncompromising coils are designed for exceptional flavor quality, while catalyzing massive plume production. Further, RPM coils include several iterations that are optimized for either direct-to-lung (DTL) or mouth-to-lung (MTL) hit styles.

To top it off, the Smok Alike Replacement Pods facilitate incredible portability thanks to their massive 5.5ml e-liquid reservoir capacity. Despite their diminutive size, this chamber capacity rivals that of stand-alone vape tanks. You can easily go through several rounds before requiring a refill.

When that time arrives, the process is quick, intuitive and convenient. Simply pop out the pod cartridge and undo the silicon plug stopper. This process reveals a large fill portal, to which you can drip in your choice e-juice concoction. Plug the stopper back in, push the pod cartridge back in place and you’re good to go.

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